Not All Content is Created Equal…

A Quick Look at adding content through our CMS.

Have you ever been to a website and wondered why you can’t select the content (text)? It may be because the site’s content has not been added correctly….

What is a correct way to add content to my site you may ask?

Many designers use image editing software such as Photoshop to add text to images or design layouts. This is fine for images or design concepts but it really isn’t a great way to add content to your website. Not only will text be harder to read (especially on an image that is compressed for fast viewing online or low resolution images) but it will also mean that the content of your site will not be read by search engines, making it virtually impossible to index and appear in searches performed by prospective clients.

Using a CMS (Content Management System) such as the one built in to Web Ninja E-Commerce sites makes it easy to add images, tables and text. Instead of creating an image out of your content through an image editor why not add a table with an interesting image in one cell and text in another. You will find in doing this your site will be easy to read, able to be indexed by search engines and therefore easier to find. If you have a website that doesn’t already have this feature we recommend upgrading to our new and CMS software with built in easy to use editing. It will give you flexibility to edit pages and add interest to your site with the addition of tables, images, different font colours and styles.

Call us to arrange a time for us to show you our easy to use CMS and save time and money with more flexibility of your web pages.

Web Ninja CMS

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‘Ninja’ Steven Brown starts this week at Ninja HQ

Web Ninja is pleased to welcome our latest ‘Ninja’ Steven Brown who starts this week at Ninja HQ.  Steven’s previous experience extends across multiple technologies including ‘mobile’ payments. Steven recently was responsible for architectural provisioning at where he instigated performance enhancement measures to accommodate ‘peak’ load times (like during the Melbourne Cup).

Steven joins our development team where his role will be focussed on higher end PHP coding work and overall Ninja ‘architecture’, with a view to ensure we are providing the best performance and security for our customers.

Steven New Web Ninja

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Web Ninja welcomes Danielle Butler to the ‘dojo’.

In it’s efforts to secure the best ‘web’ talent around, Web Ninja is proud to announce a new addition to the team. Previously the owner of Sass Design (, Danielle Butler starts on Monday the 7th Jan in her new role as ‘designer and marketing’ Ninja.

Danielle will be the creative ‘juice’ in Ninja land that clients can now utilise to come up with great web graphics and marketing ‘thinking’. Her previous experience includes  various projects ranging from total branding, packaging, graphic design, marketing, print, print brokering through to large format signage and web development.

If your keen on a new design for your site, a new business your considering or want to just ‘freshen’ things up a bit give Danni a call at Ninja HQ on au – +61 (0) 7 5667 3499 or nz – +64 (0) 9 9749 634

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Worldwide Ninja’s

Proud Web Ninja cycling team member Clayton Smith has sent us another ‘snap shot’ of his ‘Worldwide’ quest to show of the Ninja brand….this time the Pantheon!

Nice work Clayton.

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Merry Xmas from the Ninja’s

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Aglink goes live with ‘site refesh’

Aglink, based in Palmerston North have just switched on their new ‘look and feel’ after deciding a ‘refresh’ was in order. Using Web Ninja to create a design from ‘scratch’, the idea was the make the site easier and quicker for their customers to navigate and find the product their after, at the same time creating a more ‘modern’ look for the site.

Since we were already making some changes, Aglink also added some nice extra touches to the site to make it even more functional:

  • ‘Highlighting’ the same day ‘dispatch’ clock.
  • Making the Advanced search the main focus and providing detailed instructions for their customers to use it effectively.
  • Reduce the clutter of the site through clever design.
  • Featured products viewable on homepage.
  • Extensive advanced search with the ability to search sizes and other common agricultural attributes.
  • Ability to refine the search by brand and model.
  • Full control of page creation using Web Ninja’s friendly new ‘Content Management System’.

Checkout Aglink’s new ‘look’ at:

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Italian Ninjas!

Member of the Web Ninja sponsored cycling team ‘AATL’ (all about the look), Clayton Smith has made it his mission to expose the world to Web Ninja by wearing his beloved cycling jersey in photos at a number of tourist destinations around the world!

First off, the Colossuem…fantastico!

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More Mobile……

Heritage Hardware, the latest in a string of new Web Ninja mobile sites is now live.

New Zealand’s premier distributors of affordable ‘designer’ kitchen sinks, handles and accessories, Heritage Hardware recognised early on when we released our mobile module that they needed to have a easy to use, mobile ‘optimised’ version of their full web site (integrated to Infusion Business Software).

Based on the look and feel of their current site, mobile customers now have the ability to view their range, see pricing and of course order their products conveniently and easily.

Grab your mobile and checkout and see their beautiful range of products.

Well done to Hamish and his team at Heritage Hardware.

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SCV Imports launches new Web Ninja web store

Tuggerah (NSW) based SCV Imports launched their new e-commerce web site last Friday – using Web Ninja’s tight integration with their new MYOB Exo accounting solution, SCV can now update their web site stock from Exo and orders on the web are automatically created in Exo for processing.

Features of the site include:

  • ‘retail’ and ‘wholesale’ offering
  • GST inc for retail, whilst wholesalers see ex-GST
  • 5 images per product
  • Electronic catalogue display
  • Use of ‘blocks’ so SCV can control their home page banners
  • Footer set-up with brand ‘links’ to the relevant products
  • ‘Related’ and ‘Compatible’ product information controlled via Exo ‘extra’ fields.
  • ‘Find a dealer’ – based on Exo ‘extra field’ – shows Google Map

SCV have also taken a unique approach to selling on the web in respect to their traditional dealer distribution business…..they now offer ‘end users’ the ability to buy direct off their site, from either themselves or one of their ‘online’ partners, effectively becoming a marketplace for their visitors.

These products all come from SCV in the long run, so it is a win/win for both SCV and their ‘dealers’. The best news is, the customer does not have to leave SCV’s web site, even if they choose to by from another ‘dealer’. And the dealers using some ‘nifty’ Ninja technology, have the flexibility of updating their prices on the site themselves anytime they want…!

Well done to Stuart  and the team at SCV….

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Winelovers Warehouse loving mobile…

Grab your phone and checkout the new Web Ninja mobile site for Winelovers Warehouse…..

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